Q: Will the design be permanent installation?
A: The design of the runway body could only be reversible and movable ones, which means that all design objects should be temporary in order to make further development and construction possible.

Q: Does this competition have a specific topic?
A: Topic is not specified in this design competition. Participants are encouraged to give unique and creative ideas based on free interpretation on the theme and site background.

Q: Is this design for this competition a cultural media event or a real-life project?
A: The current stage is a conceptual project solicitation while proposal(s) selected from jury review meeting may have a chance to be further developed and implemented with a comprehensive consideration.

Q: Do entries possibly be actually built?
A: Entries, not necessarily the first prize work, are possibly built during the further development and construction, decided by the jury and the sponsor after serious discussions.

Q: Should the materials, techniques or crafts be highlighted in the design?
A: The feasibility of the design should be considered with clear statement of materials and techniques while too much emphasis on them should be avoided. The design concept is supposed to be bold and imaginative, not confined by many realistic elements.

Q: Are there any additional materials apart from the documents that could be downloaded from the competition website?
A: Please note that documents that could be downloaded from the competition website are what competition committee could provide after negotiation with local government. Please read the brief and related appendix carefully and make the full use of existing source before design.

Q: Do participants need submit hardcopies?
A: Participants only need submit digital files and the competition committee will print all drawings. For submission requirements, please see the assignment or the competition website: http://runwaypark_renewal.chinabuildingcentre.com/en_submit.html

Q: What is the criteria of this competition?
A: Please see “competition requirement” in the assignment or on the competition website: http://runwaypark_renewal.chinabuildingcentre.com/en_content.html

Q: About the runway district master plan, are train lines above the ground or underground?
A: All stations shown in the plan are subway stations and train lines are under the ground.


The runway of Nanjing Dajiaochang Airport is 2,600-meter long and 60-meter wide and it was listed in the Second Batch of Historic Buildings Conservation Directory of Nanjing City. The planning for Nanjing South New Town clearly indicated that the RUNWAY PARK should be identified as a crucial corridor for the whole area, and used as a carrier to integrate the industrial development, cultural agglomeration, urban sightseeing, health and leisure, and ecological landscape, connecting the cultural public building belt on the north side and official building belt on the south side.


Nanjing Urban Planning Bureau
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CBC (China Building Centre)
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China Culture and Technology Innovation Service Alliance


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